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Hi, I'm Morgan.
Freelance photographer. Content Creator.
Hot chocolate fiend. Perth local.

When I started as a photographer in Perth I had one goal, and that was to help local Perth brands and businesses tell their story, grow and evolve to their fullest potential by helping them reach and engage with their audiences through creative photography and unique content creation.

I have been a Perth photographer working in the photography industry since 2016 and am currently based and serving clients in Perth Western Australia. 

I combine creativity, precise technical skills with an approachable personality to help you achieve your vision.

I’m constantly evolving, progressing and growing, just as styles and technology does, and as my clients’ needs change.

My services as a photographer are driven by what works in photography and content creation. I don’t confess I do everything, nor do I stick to only one thing.

Take a look around my website, get to know me better, and then let’s chat!

Content creation is a continuous process

my philosphy

As a Perth photographer and content creator, I have made a commitment to help businesses tell their story and grow through unique photography and content creation that builds genuine connections through authentic story telling. I believe this is possible to achieve through combining and balancing the authenticity of your brand at its core, design and digital strategy to form an unbreakable and deeply engaging relationship with customers and to stay ahead of the competition.

AUTHENTICity will always win

the story of my life

I use to see the world and life as if it were black and white, with there being certain rules to the world that we had to obey which meant living a life where we had to accept some sort of social normality that to follow. The world and life can be a really strange thing, it can be really mean, filled with nothing but hurt, pain and suffering… But it can also be very beautiful, filled with happiness, joy and love. It’s all about perspective.

It’s amazing what happens when you tilt your head a little and look at things differently.