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As a photographer, If it’s something I enjoy as a much as photography and filling up my camera bag and going out on an adventure taking pictures, it’s opening up my notebook, uncapping my pen and writing down the thoughts and ideas that go through my head about life, the digital marketing, social media marketing and photography environments in Perth.

I want to share my photography journey and share my knowledge from my experience as a freelance photographer and content creator with the hopes it would make a positive and enhancing change in the personal lives and careers of my readers.

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Social media blog | social media is going to kill you | perth wa

Social Media Will Kill You

Social media has practically consumed the attention of all human beings on planet Earth since being turned on and launched all those years ago.  Like

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Learn photography the magical art of photography morgan nesbitt creative perth wa

The Magic of Photography

As a Perth photographer and content creator I believe that too many, cameras are just another item of technology. But, if you look deeper, if

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Where do i begin? | personal blog of morgan nesbitt creative - freelance photographer perth wa

Where do I Begin?

In The Beginning I usually think to myself in many of my conversations “where do I begin?”. Usually, when someone takes the time to sit

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