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My name is Morgan and I’m a Perth photographer. When I’m not working my day job, I’m out exploring locations around Perth that is home to some of the most amazing urban spots, landscapes, and people that tell some of the most beautiful stories.

I’d love to give you a cheesy story about how I picked up a camera as a kid, was instantly hooked and turned it into a career but in reality, photography came to me as a savior back in 2014 when I needed an outlet for the thoughts I had in my head. My photography is self-taught and is constantly inspired by amazing photographers from Perth and around the world.

My photography blog provides a log of my journey, my adventures around Perth (and occasionally other places around Australia and the world) and photography tips, tricks, and tutorials.

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Whether you’re into exploring more about the inner sanctums of life or chasing some tricks and tips on getting creative with your camera, then you’re looking in the right place. All of my blogs in order from newest to oldest can be found on this page, or if you are after something a little more specific – hit on the categories below. Happy reading! 

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