Why Heartbreak is The Best Thing For You

Person burning a photo because of heartbreak

Why Heartbreak Is The Best Thing For You I received a DM recently on Instagram from a woman (who I won’t name) who complimented me and thanked me for some of my pieces of writing which had inspired her. Although I do receive a fair few messages complimenting me and thanking me for some of […]

How to Overcome Isolation and Loneliness to Improve Your Wellbeing

Lifestyle blog overcome isolation and loneliness morgan nesbitt perth wa

How to Deal With Isolation and Loneliness to Improve Your Wellbeing In 7 Steps I sometimes use the expression “I can be in a room of familiar faces but have never felt so alone”. You know what i’m talking about, that sinking feeling of unbelonging.  No matter if someone else entered the room, no matter […]

How to Stay Extremely Positive During Difficult Times

Lifestyle blog stay extremely positive during difficult times morgan nesbitt perth wa

How to Stay Extremely Positive In Difficult Times It’s unavoidable, no matter what we do and how hard we try, we all experience difficult moments in life from time-to-time.  The difficult times can come because of bad news, sad news, unfortunate circumstances, sometimes because of other people, and sometimes, for absolutely no reason at all. […]

9 Powerful Realisations That Will Change Your Life

Lifestyle blog 9 powerful realisations that will change your life morgan nesbitt perth wa

When I left high school I had no idea what I wanted out of life, im pretty sure a lot of us do. I didn’t know what career path I wanted to follow, I just felt obligated to pick something and stick with it. I had no idea if I wanted to spend the rest […]

Why You Should Think About Your Death More In 2020

Lifestyle blog why you should think about your own death in 2020 morgan nesbitt perth wa

Sitting at my studio desk with my laptop open, adjusting the screen brightness down as my eyes ache, reflecting on the year that was 2019 as my fingers tell the story. What a year it was. So many things happened. So many lessons learned. Sitting at my studio desk with my laptop still open, the […]

5 Qualities Insecure People Have to Self- Sabotage Their Lives

Lifestyle blog 5 qualities insecure people have to self sabotage their lives morgan nesbitt perth wa

In The Beginning Do you hear that? You know, the critical inner voices. The One’s that tell you stories about yourself. What do you see? When you recognise the reflection staring back at you. Someone who’s not bleeding out from self- inflicted wounds. Do you feel that? That firm grip pulling on your heartstrings. The […]

Don’t Settle For Anyone Who Doesn’t Put Effort Into Loving You

Lifestyle blog dont settle for anyone who doesnt put effort into loving you morgan nesbitt perth wa

In The Beginning Do you remember those feelings as you lay alone falling asleep at night? Those lonesome nights with the pictures of a past life hiding right behind your eyes. With thoughts swirling around inside your head, thoughts that cause you to smile, others making you sad. Nights staring at the ceiling wondering where […]

How to Make Time to Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality

Lifestyle blog how to make time to turn your dreams into a reality morgan nesbitt perth wa

Alarm goes off. You hit snooze. Alarm goes off again. You hit snooze. Alarm goes off for the third time, you finally drag your bones out of bed to begin your morning routine. The morning routine of getting ready to go to another grueling day of work in a job that you don’t hate necessarily, […]

5 Things to Throw Away So You Have a Better Life

Lifestyle blog 5 things to throw away so you have a better life morgan nesbitt perth wa

Self- development… We talk about it. We complain that we don’t have it. We dream about it. We desire it. We crave it. But most of us don’t know how to take control of our lives to achieve it, that better life. When starting my journey as a photographer and content creator i certainly didn’t […]

3 Excuses Why You’re Not Chasing Your Passions

Lifestyle blog 3 excuses why youre not chasing your dreams morgan nesbitt perth wa

I wrote in one of my other blogs “Go to School If You Want to be a Fool” the reasons that the educational system along with societal normalities has failed us. I believe this because how I came to become a content creator and photographer from Perth was no result from what school or society […]


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