Why You Should Experiment with Creativity

Man covered in paint and holding paint brushes to show why you should experiment with creativity

Why You Should Experiment with Creativity The reason why you should experiment with creativity is that experimenting allows you to come up with many different ideas to create interesting content for your own personal brand and for your client’s brands and businesses. This helps drive traffic, earn links, build communities, and inspire people to take […]

5 Rain Photography Tips to Take Amazing Photos in Bad Weather

Levacitylurking 50

5 Rain Photography Tips to Take Amazing Photos in Bad Weather A lot of photographers are scared to shoot in the rain, it’s understandable, but there are a lot of rain photography tips to help you not only take better photos but tell more evoking stories. Rain photography is a great way to tell a […]

How to Tell Stories With Your Photography

Learn photography - how to tell stories with your photography - morgan nesbitt creative perth wa

I have a question for you. Have you ever been affected in some way by a story? Have you ever been sucked into a photograph so strongly and felt the emotions of what was being portrayed, and resonated with the ‘why’ or the purpose and reason behind it? Stories in photography are so powerful, we […]

A Quick Guide to Find Your Creative Style

Become a freelance photographer | how to find your creative style - morgan nesbitt creative perth wa

A Quick Guide to Find Your Creative Style There are many ways as a content creator you can differentiate yourself from your competition and other creators. Out of all the ways, I believe the most powerful and effective way to differentiate yourself is developing your own creative style. I recently took a moment to stop […]

9 Ways on How to Take Product Photography That Sells

Learn photography - 9 ways on taking product photography that sells - morgan nesbitt creative perth wa

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a stunning product picture is worth a thousand website visits. Keeping that in mind, product photography can become extremely valuable to your eCommerce website strategy. According to Webalive, 80.8% of Australians with internet access shop online, and that segment of buyers is set to increase with one […]

Photography Basics for Beginners: How a Camera Works

Learn photography - photography basics for beginners - how a camera works - morgan nesbitt creative perth wa

Have you ever wondered how a camera actually works? How does that piece of machinery work when you hit the shutter button? You’re not alone. Cameras have evolved a lot over the years. Photography has also changed a lot. Today’s modern DSLR and Mirrorless cameras are the result of countless years of innovation and development, […]

Photography Basics for Beginners: The Different Types of Cameras

Learn photography - different types of cameras - basics for beginners morgan nesbitt creative perth wa

So you have just started on your photography journey! That’s awesome! There’s so much to learn and discover in photography. It can become pretty overwhelming at times. So where do you begin? I believe that the best place to start is learning about and understanding the different types of cameras. Photography has progressed heaps within […]

5 Tips For Working From Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Digital marketing - 5 tips for working from home during the coronavirus pandemic - morgan nesbitt creative perth wa

The Coronavirus has found its way across Australia and the globe. Leaving nothing but chaos and destruction in its path. Thousands upon thousands sick, lives have been taken, careers lost, hopes and dreams shattered, all in a flash. For many across Australia who are feeling the effects of the Coronavirus, we have now resorted to […]

Photography Basics for Beginners: Guide to Understanding Camera Functions

Learn photography - guide to understanding camera functions - morgan nesbitt creative perth wa

Digital photography for beginners can be confusing. The first thing a lot of beginner photographers do once they unbox their new camera is switch it on to ‘auto’ and start firing off the shitter. I get it, it’s the easiest and fastest way to take a photo. But that convenience has its flaws because the […]

9 Ways to Take Mind-Blowing Photos With Your Phone

Learn photography 9 ways to take mind blowing photos with your phone morgan nesbitt creative perth wa 01

Phone cameras have come a long way over the last decade to the point where they can compete with some of the best DSLR cameras out there. But like most cameras, they are not perfect. This is where you need to step in a little and help. The following tips will show you how to […]


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