You’re Going to Learn What Hard Work Is All About

The importance of hard work | personal blog by morgan nesbitt - freelance photographer perth wa

The Importance of Hard Work Have you ever had those moments where you think you’ve made the wrong decision? Me too. When I left high school and started my career as a mechanic I thought I made the wrong decision of not going to university within the first 3 hours of my first day in […]

WATCH: Welcome to the Story of My Life

On this episode… Hello and welcome to my YouTube, which also coincides with my podcast – The Knuckle Down Show. Come join me on an adventure! Oh and by the way – I’m Morgan! SEE MORE VIDEOS LISTEN TO THE PODCAST READ BLOG

Welcome to Life After School

Welcome to life after school | personal blog of morgan nesbitt - freelance photographer perth wa

Life After School In my previous blog, I explained how the school has failed us and why it continues to fail us. Continuing on to the next chapter of The Story of My Life is what comes when you enter life after school and what I wasn’t prepared for. I couldn’t wait to finish school, […]

Goto School If You Want to be a Fool

Goto school if you want to be a fool | personal blog of morgan nesbitt - freelance photographer perth wa

In The Beginning I know the story of my life started with “Where do I Begin”, but it actually begins with a classic song from the movie Billie Maddison when Adam Sandler is waiting for the bus to go back to school. Do you remember? If you don’t let me remind you: “Ohhhhh… Back To […]

Where do I Begin?

Where do i begin? | personal blog of morgan nesbitt creative - freelance photographer perth wa

In The Beginning I usually think to myself in many of my conversations “where do I begin?”. Usually, when someone takes the time to sit down with me, to open up and talk to me, to share with me what they’re experiencing in their lives within that very moment, some of their external and internal […]


And the adventure begins. I can’t wait to see what we come up with!!

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