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Don’t Settle For Anyone Who Doesn’t Put Effort Into Loving You

In The Beginning

Do you remember those feelings as you lay alone falling asleep at night?

Those lonesome nights with the pictures of a past life hiding right behind your eyes.

With thoughts swirling around inside your head, thoughts that cause you to smile, others making you sad.

Nights staring at the ceiling wondering where it all went wrong, how did it all fall apart, what did I do?

Those lonesome nights wondering if they think about you and what they could have had if they stayed in your life.

Nights curled up on the floor, crying tears from all the wounds, some caused by you.

Whispering their name, sweet and slowly, hoping they hear and find their way home to you.

We’ve all got scars from the pain of having our head and our hearts thrown around.

But that’s because we settled for someone who put very little to no effort in loving us they way we loved them.

The sadness and insecurities we feel trick us into wanting to never love again by reminding us of the pain we felt.

But truthfully we just want to love someone who loves us the same.

That’s what we always desire.

I can’t give you the magic formula to stop the pain from visiting, although I could give you some advice that could help.

But what I can tell you from experience is this…

Don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t put effort into pursuing you, who puts effort into keeping you and who puts effort into loving you.

Stuck In The Middle

Stay single until you find someone who is willing to work hard in building the relationship, to make it strong.

Someone who understands that laziness is not part of a committed relationship.

Someone who is committed to handling the responsibilities of the relationship.

Stay single until you find someone who treats you nicely without expecting recognition for their efforts.

Someone who’s honest and respectful.

Someone who treats you the way you deserve because all they want is to see you with a smile on your face.

Stay single until you find someone who maintains engaging conversations with you

Someone who listens when you speak.

Stay single until you find someone who motivates you to pursue your passions and chase your dreams.

Someone who helps you grow into the best version of yourself personally and professionally.

Someone who picks you up when you fall, who dusts you off and tells you to try again.

Stay single until you find someone who makes you know that it’s going to be ok no matter how bad it gets

Someone who always see’s the brighter day amongst the blackest of nights.

Stay single until you find someone who puts effort into making you feel special.

Someone who takes you out to dinner just because they want to.

Someone who makes you smile even when you’re sad.

Someone who makes you laugh until it hurts.

Stay single until you find someone who understands your needs.

Someone who remembers your favourite movie.

Someone who will dance to your favourite song.

Stay single until you find someone who does as much for you as you do for them.

Someone who understands relationships are a two-way street.

Someone who recognises your worth and reminds you of it every day.

Stay single until you find someone who does all the small things that mean the most.

Someone who makes you feel appreciated for all of the small things you do instead of making you feel like you are taken for granted.

Someone who makes sure you realise how much you’re loved, not making you wonder whether they care or not.

Stay single until you find someone who texts you in the morning and before they go to bed.

Someone who picks up your favourite snack on the way home.

Someone that looks after you when you’re sick in bed.

Stay single until you find someone who knows you’ve had a hard day so they do the dishes and cleans while you relax.

Someone who offers to you up after a night out so you don’t have to take an Uber.

Someone who calls you when they are running late from work so you don’t worry about them.

Someone who gives you compliments on your smile and eyes, along with your soft heart and hard work.

This is The End

When you think about those nights, you know the ones I’m talking about.

Let the pain be a reminder to not settle for anyone who doesn’t put effort into loving you.

You’re worth the love, you’ve always been worth it.

You deserve the love, you’ve always deserved it.

You want to find someone and they want to find you.

They’re out there waiting for you.

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