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How to Become a Successful Content Creator in 4 Easy Steps

A Guide to Freelancing - How to become a successful content creator in 4 easy steps - Morgan Nesbitt Creative Perth WA

Whatever side of content creation you fall on, whether that be visual, audio or the written word, most people feel they need to be amazing at it.

That’s not true.

Many popular and successful content creators of today started without a natural inclination towards their craft.

They just showed up every single day, worked hard and developed a habit of creating.

This is why you don’t need any special talent to become a highly paid and successful content creator.

If you’re ready to put in hard work to develop skills and have a creative flow of mind, then you’ve got this.

Here are a few tips, that will help you become a successful content creator.


Create As If You’re Having A One-On-One Conversation With Your Ideal Reader

The only way to establish yourself as a thought leader and a distinguished content creator within your industry, you need to have an authoritative voice.

You need to know what you’re talking about when your sharing, support your arguments with data and deliver actionable steps.

With this being said, most people think that they need to remain upright and formal in their creations whether that’s visual, audio or written to portray themselves as an authoritative figure.

I strongly disagree with that belief.

Viewers and readers want to connect with you as a human.

If you want to connect and engage with them through your content, then you need to talk about their problems and provide them with solutions while making it sound like a casual conversation with a friend.

A guide to freelancing - how to become a successful content creator in 4 easy steps - morgan nesbitt creative perth wa


Create Constantly and Consistently

Creativity isn’t something that comes easy.

You’re going to have bad days where you won’t feel inspired to create anything.

It will be easy to just drop it all and stop, but remember that refining your skills requires putting in sweat equity. There will be days when you will fail, fall flat and perform at your worst.

But that’s ok, it’s perfectly ok.

The important thing is to stay consistent. Sticking with it through discipline is the most important trait to have.

Hard times and difficult moments can use some grit.

So when you feel like giving up, show up anyway.

Choose what works for your schedule and doesn’t burn you and your audience in the long-run.

A guide to freelancing - how to become a successful content creator in 4 easy steps - morgan nesbitt creative perth wa


Find Your Own Voice

There are millions upon millions of visual, audible and written pieces of content produced and shared every single day.

One way of standing out in the noise is creating high-quality content for your audience.

However, the competition is getting stiff.

One certain way you can still build a community is by connecting with a core group of people that like your personality.

They like “your way” of presenting information and that’s why they follow you and read or watch your content pieces.

Think of someone like Gary Vaynerchuk. He shares valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, he has found a space for himself because he delivers value in his characteristic GaryVee way with exuberance and inspiration mixed with swearing.

Whatever content you produce, it calls for finding your own voice and creating authentically.

If you’ll simply try presenting information to your audience, then it won’t connect and engage with them as much and you could lose them forever.

To connect with your audience share your personal experiences and stories that show people who you are behind the screen.

A guide to freelancing - how to become a successful content creator in 4 easy steps - morgan nesbitt creative perth wa


Build Your Reputation and Relationships

Working on your creative skills alone will give you diminishing returns over time.

There are more pieces to the puzzle.

If you look at any skilled content creator, what you’ll find is that almost all of them hang out with super influential personalities.

They are laser-focused on getting their name upon established media houses.


Social proof, social proof from an established authority in your industry can launch your reputation to new heights overnight.

Now, this proof could include individuals with a huge personal brand. And even media mentions.

Work on gaining as much social proof for your brand and business and invest time in building relationships, it will be one of the single greatest factors to your success.

A guide to freelancing - how to become a successful content creator in 4 easy steps - morgan nesbitt creative perth wa


In The End

To be spread your message, to gain more fans and business you have to get yourself in the mindset that it’s all about them.

And by them, I mean your audience.

So make sure that your content pieces don’t revolve around you and telling your audience about how amazing you are. Rather, show the solutions to the problems they are facing.

Educate your audience with actionable takeaways in all your pieces of content.

That means breaking down your advice in steps so that a visitor can immediately implement the first step as soon as they are done consuming.

I hope that my four tips on how to become a successful content creator in this article helped answer the questions you may have and help you along with your content creation career.

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And the adventure begins. I can’t wait to see what we come up with!!

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