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A Quick Guide to Find Your Creative Style

Become a Freelance Photographer | How to Find your creative style - Morgan Nesbitt Creative Perth WA

A Quick Guide to Find Your Creative Style

There are many ways as a content creator you can differentiate yourself from your competition and other creators.

Out of all the ways, I believe the most powerful and effective way to differentiate yourself is developing your own creative style.

I recently took a moment to stop and take a look back at how my style has changed, morphed and evolved over the years since I started as a freelance photographer and content creator.

One thing was for certain, my creative style definitely changed and grew over time.

And that growth and changes lead me to eventually find my own creative style, taste, a flavour that is now known to me and my brand.

So how do you find your own creative style? Here are a few tactics to help you find and dive into your style with a little more ease:

Listen to Yourself

This is to me the best way to uncover your creative style.

Listen to the voices inside your head and follow them to what you’re naturally drawn to.

This could be your favourite music, artists, creators, movies, colours and textures. It could be certain tools, supplies and techniques.

All of these elements will form part of your creative style in some way.

From my own personal experiences, I often try to break free from my normal style and try new colours for example, but I end up being sucked back to what I love doing and what I find extremely satisfying.

Don’t ignore where you’re inner self is trying to tell you to go. If you listen to the outside world too much you’ll get lost and never find your way.

Trust Your Instincts

Your instincts are never wrong.

So make it a regular routine to just pull out a blank sheet of paper or your camera, or whatever tools you use to create and just start creating.

No rules, no plans, just your own creative thoughts and ideas and a canvas.

Don’t be Visually Inspired

We are all guilty to it.

Scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube watching videos and looking at photos looking to be inspired.


Stop scrolling through Instagram, stop watching endless YouTube tutorials, stop taking workshops, stop all of it.

Not forever, just for a little while.

When you’re constantly seeing other people’s work, elements of their work will creep into yours without you even knowing.

You won’t have the chance as a content creator to develop your own creative style.

Clear your mind of all the online noise, grab the stuff that makes your heart happy, take a step back and allow your creative vision to emerge.

Look Back Into the Past

The past can unveil a lot.

Look back on things that you used to do. Things that you did, things that you created, things that you explored that you stopped or forgot all about.

See if anything like that sparks anything in your creative mind.

This is by far the easiest way to reignite your old creative passions and reinvent them into something new and exciting that can be used as part of your creative style.

In The End

I hope the tips I’ve shared have inspired or have helped you see that developing a creative style doesn’t need to be such an uncertain process, nor does it need to be all-consuming.

Finding your creative style will happen naturally over time, and it will continue to always evolve.

But once you start finding it, you’ll never look back and you’ll start to cement yourself.

So just sit back and enjoy your creative play!

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And the adventure begins. I can’t wait to see what we come up with!!

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