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How to Stay Consistently Motivated as a Content Creator

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How to Stay Consistently Motivated as a Content Creator

Motivation is what drives us to make things happen. It’s motivation that drives us to create the things we create. But knowing how to stay consistently motivated as a content creator isn’t always easy, it’s actually quite hard as the stresses of running a business, situational circumstances, relationships and other commitments sucking the energy out of us daily. 

That’s why we become so uninspired and unproductive.

But there’s hope, there are ways to keep yourself motivated.

Here are some tips on how to stay motivated as a content creator so you can grow your brand, your business and ultimately live out your dreams.

Let’s start with distinguishing the difference between positive and negative motivators

Positive motivations focus on the positive things that will happen when you take action towards something. 

For example: ‘Finishing editing these photos means i can get out and shoot for my own enjoyment’

Negative motivations focus on the negative outcome that will occur if you don’t take action towards something. 

For example: ‘If I don’t finish editing these photos my client is going to be very upset with me and probably wont work with me again’

Negative and positive motivations can both be effective under different circumstances. 

But it’s so much easier and better to do something because you want to, rather than because you want to avoid a specific outcome if you don’t do it. 

Set goals

The first tip on how to stay consistently motivated as a content creator is to set a goal.

When you set a goal,  you make a decision to act in a way that will help you achieve what you want. 

Goals give you a purpose, a direction to focus your energy on, it gives you something that’s measurable which helps you to stay motivated.

So set yourself a goal or two.

Choose goals that interest you 

You’re so much more likely to stay consistently motivated if you’re working on or towards something that you genuinely enjoy,  want to do or achieve, rather than what other people want for you in which you have no interest or desire in.

Pretty obvious but this idea gets lost in the noise.

So it’s simple, choose goals that interest you and you only!

Make your goal public

This is probably my favourite way on how to stay motivated as a content creator and that’s to make your goal public.

By telling someone your goal, by writing it down or posting it on social media, you’ve essentially made a promise to your friends, family, followers, fans and most importantly yourself to do what you said you were going to do.

It makes you accountable for your actions and creates an expectation of yourself which you have to follow through with.

Don’t let your supporters an fans down and don’t let yourself down.

Plot your progress

When you’re working on or towards something, whether that be client work or your own personal projects and plans it can be really motivating if you can see evidence that you’re making progress on those things. 

Draw, write or create a visual representation of how you’re getting closer and closer to achieving the goal you’ve set out for yourself.

We are visually orientated creatures, we don’t believe things until we see them.

Break up your goal

Break your primary goal into smaller objectives.

Then start with the easier objectives and work your way up to bigger challenges to get you to your goal

Breaking up a goal into achievable objectives helps build confidence and maintain levels of motivation because we become less stressed and more focussed.

Also, when you scratch off one objective and move onto the next one your motivation ignites more because you’re moving closer and closer.

Remember my tip above? That comes into play with this tip now as well. 

Use rewards

Promise yourself some sort of reward each time you complete a objective and especially a goal.

Rewards fuel motivation because it serves as a reminder that you’re going in the right direction.

And well, you deserve a reward for your hard work.

Don’t do it alone

Encouragement and support from your friends, family, followers and fans can be the biggest boost to your motivation levels as a content creator, particularly when you’re doing it tough.

Knowing that people have your back and will continue to support you motivates you not to let them down and to make them proud.

This is The End

I know having the motivation to carry forth as a content creator is hard.

The life is very challenging and exhausting filled with more bad days than good.

But you have to keep moving forward, small steps at a time.

I really hope these tips on how to stay consistently motivated as a content creator help you discover new ways and help you get that little bit closer reaching your destination.

Until next time.

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