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How to Stay Extremely Positive During Difficult Times

How to Stay Extremely Positive In Difficult Times

It’s unavoidable, no matter what we do and how hard we try, we all experience difficult moments in life from time-to-time. 

The difficult times can come because of bad news, sad news, unfortunate circumstances, sometimes because of other people, and sometimes, for absolutely no reason at all.

Despite all our efforts, everything, despite doing our best to stay happy, positive and smiling every single day, life rarely goes the way we plan all the time.

And that’s ok, the ups and downs are what keep us alive.

Life’s a journey, and depending what way you choose to look at it the journey of life is difficult. 

Pain is inevitable, it’s necessary, it’s fundamental, it’s the best part of life and that’s why it’s imperative we learn to stay positive when life gets us down.

Here’s how.

Focus on the Positive

When sadness starts to creeps in, it’s easy to get stuck inside a prison of negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, the longer we stay in that prison only makes us feel worse. Much worse.

No matter how dark the road ahead seems you have to fixate on the light, the positive.

Finding the light, the positive is about focusing on and appreciating what you do have, the good aspects of your life, not all the negative stuff that’s holding you down.

Hold onto the positive. Focus on it.

Focus on whatever the positives are, your family, your friends, your career, accomplishments, hobbies: focus on anything and everything in your life that makes you smile, that makes you feel you, that makes you feel whole and complete.

Think about the things you’ve accomplished today. Maybe you just managed to get out of bed this morning.

Just remind yourself that, actually, you’re not that bad, it’s not that bad.

You don’t need more material items in your life, you don’t even need anything! 

Just take a little time to yourself and appreciate what you have and give yourself some grace for the things you’ve achieved.

Live in a Positive Environment

I believe your environment shapes your thought processes and personality even if you don’t realise it.

This is one of the most damaging factors when it comes to trying to stay positive in difficult times.

When you’re constantly surrounded by negativity, toxicity and baneful energy you’re mind starts to think differently, more negatively, it makes adjustments to suit your environment which then changes your behaviour.

You start to adopt the habits and beliefs of the people that you spend all your time with; your internal wellbeing is shaped by your external environment which is why it’s important you surround yourself with positivity if you want to feel positive.

From my own experience, I was dissatisfied with my life for a very long time, I was very unhappy but since I started spending my time with more happy, kind, motivational, inspirational and humble people I now call friends, it’s been far easier to stay optimistic when life gets difficult.

On that, If there are people in your life that cause you to think less of yourself, that causes you anxiety or sadness when you look in the mirror then kill them from your life.

It might be hard, but those types of people won’t try to make you happy when life gets difficult, they will see your pain and despair and feel joy, they experience Schadenfreude 

Again, kill them out of your life

It isn’t always about the people. Sometimes, just cleaning your home or picking up that hobby again can positively affect the way you feel.

I pick up my camera, people watch and look through the viewfinder to see a different world of colours.

So put some music on, go for a run, buy some plants, buy some paint and a canvas, go grab a drink with that friend that’s always smiling or go watch a sunset.

Just remember to remind yourself that, amongst all the bad stuff happening in your life, life is pretty good your thoughts are just trying to trick you into believing a different story.

Find Solutions, Not Problems

Life is full of problems, they don’t stop, you just have to keep finding solutions.

During difficult times we start to feel like bad things happen to ruin our happiness. We ask ourselves how could life be so cruel? It’s so unfair! Why me?

This belief is completely unjustified and largely incorrect. Life isn’t out there purposely trying to screw you over, things just happen, that’s just life.

It’s not about what happens to us, it’s about how we respond to what happens. 

When life becomes difficult, there is only one person who can fix it- you. You’re the only one who can switch your mindset to stay positive in difficult times.

What you’re meant to do when you don’t like a thing is simply change it. If you can’t change it, then change the way you think about it.

The best way to remain positive during difficult times is to admit to yourself that you are unhappy, the act of admitting you’re unhappy is a positive experience and it’s up to you to try your best change that. 

Realise what makes you unhappy and make an effort to change your situation.

If it’s your job making you unhappy then quit, if it’s your friends making you unhappy then stop talking to them, if it’s your relationship then leave it, if it’s because your overweight then start eating healthy and exercising.

It takes a lot of motivation, discipline and consistency, but you can’t rely on anything external to make you happy. You have to find it within yourself.

You also have to understand that the rut you’re in is only temporary, and you know that because you’ve been here many times before. You’ve overcome the difficult times before, you’ve pulled yourself out many times and, chances are, if you can do it before you can do it again.

Tell your boss how you feel, go for a run. Put your happiness first, just for now.

In The End

It’s normal to feel unhappy from time-to-time but there’s so many things we can do to bring our happiness back.

 You have to appreciate what you have and show yourself some love for the amazing things you’ve done already.

Remove yourself from the toxic environment you may find yourself in and surround yourself with happy, motivational and uplifting people and things you love.

Think about how you can solve the problem that caused your unhappiness, there’s always a solution to the problem, just be willing to embrace the solutions. 

Huge change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.

You can stay positive in difficult times, you just have to decide to put happiness first.

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