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The Magic of Photography

As a Perth photographer and content creator I believe that too many, cameras are just another item of technology. But, if you look deeper, if you look beyond the product description and price tag, cameras are much, much more, there’s some kind of magic distilled in them.

Cameras are magical tools of internal and external exploration, passports to the inner hiding spots of our creativity and weapons for the change we want to see in our lives and the world.

The photographs we capture through a lens tells a story of thoughts, passion and emotion, it lets people know how we feel and how we view life and the world without whispering a word.

Cameras are magical tools that share photographic stories that can change the perceptions of anyone that rests their eyes upon the artwork and, even more powerful, change lives.

By taking a precious moment of life from time and capturing it absolutely still, a great photograph can explode the entireness of our world, such that we never, ever see it the same again. 

Life is filled with moments in time that we never get again and that’s what I love about photography, it allows us to stop the clock for that quick millisecond, so we can tell that story over and over again for the rest of our lives.

Perth photographer morgan nesbitt holding his camera close to his chest.

In The Middle

From a very young age, before I even picked up a camera and started photographing, I fell head over boots in love with the magic that was distilled within photography.

There was something more to me about photography, something more powerful than just being able to take a moment in time and freeze that frame to cherish forever.

My love for photography and journey as a Perth photographer blossomed from somewhere far deeper beyond a printed canvas.

Photography allowed me to pull the plug and disconnect, it allowed me to disappear, forget and lose complete contact with the reality I find myself in every day, with my life, even if it was for just 1/200th of a second, it feels like a lifetime.

In those split-second moments that go just as fast as they come, with the viewfinder pressed gently against my eye and my finger pulsing, snapping off the shutter, I become soaked with a palette of colours that wild my imagination, each colour like a familiar friend I haven’t seen in a while, accompanying me on a journey through endless thoughts, ideas and possibilities.

Where was I? What world have I found myself in? How did I get here? I question, not because I wanted to leave, but because I wanted to stay.

For those split-second moments, that go just as fast as they come, with the viewfinder pressed gently against my eye there is so much to see, so much I can do, the colours I see through the lens deepening my eyes, telling me stories, about people, the world and moments often unseen, missed, never to be found again.

The colours I see through my viewfinder tell me stories, all different kinds of stories, some happy, mostly sad, some about falling in love, a lot about staying still in the pain, a few about dreams and adventure then waking up and losing direction.

This makes my camera a very special object to me because it shows me a subject’s true self, it can see through the perceived image they put on display by seeing beyond its self- constructed walls and directly into its soul, it helps me feel what they’re feeling within their heart.

My camera shows me a subject’s true colours and paints the story.

The colours, my colourful friends tell me stories, all kinds of different stories that make it far easier for me to live in a very complicated world.

The colours, my colourful friends tell me stories, all kinds of different stories that help me feel peace in an internal and external world filled with war and chaos.

The colours, my colourful friends tell me stories, all kinds of different stories that wrap my head wounds in bandages, that nurse my mentality back to perfect health.

The colours are my guardian angels, watching over me, telling me it’s going to be ok as they keep the demons away no matter how close they creep, scratching at me, trying to drag me down to that dark abyss that’s familiar to many.

Capturing those moments, those stories I see through my lens, the stories that the colours tell me keeps me safe, it provides me with security and restores the balance often lost.

Perth photographer morgan nesbitt holding his camera up to his face to take a picture

In The End

As a Photographer in Perth, photography is much more to me than just taking photos, it’s about the colours and the story.

I use photography, the colours and the pictures I take, no matter the subject to speak the words in my mind that I cannot translate with many words.

Photography’s part to play in my life as a Photographer in Perth is to express the realities I feel and see going on with the society we all live in featuring real people, real surroundings and real situations that can trigger a viewer’s deeper understanding and set free their imagination.

Through capturing people, their surroundings and the world, the truth is unveiled. I can see the real condition of people and the world around me through the lens of my camera that my naked eye could never see.

Photography is an art form that not only expresses what’s going on inside my head but it expresses someone else’s feelings, emotions, beliefs, values and points of view.

I want my photographs to make people see what I see, to tell them the story I have captured, to think more deeply about what’s happening in the world around them.

I want to make people more aware of other peoples reality, to show their true colours, to tell their story.

That’s the magic of photography.

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