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Why You Should Experiment with Creativity

Man covered in paint and holding paint brushes to show why you should experiment with creativity

Why You Should Experiment with Creativity

The reason why you should experiment with creativity is that experimenting allows you to come up with many different ideas to create interesting content for your own personal brand and for your client’s brands and businesses.

This helps drive traffic, earn links, build communities, and inspire people to take action. 

Not only that, It’s a lot of fun, and at the same time a fantastic way to learn. 

The top companies and professionals in all fields are constantly experimenting with creativity, motivated by an unstoppable passion for what they do.  

There are so many great reasons why you experiment with creativity when it comes to your photography, videography, blog, your marketing, and your business.  

But in this article, I’m going to keep this very short.

Experimenting in photography and videography work is an integral part of the process of becoming a master and well known in your craft. 

However, it can sometimes be forgotten about in the pressure of deadlines and targets.

If we don’t experiment we can lose motivation, inspiration and our passion for our craft because we feel pigeonholed, conditioned to a process, just going through the motions of a “job”

But to grow, refine your style and bring in more work you need to continuously experiment with styles, ideas and concepts even if most of the time you don’t find what you’re looking for with your experimentation

Not only will experimentation help you move forward in your career but it will make you more fulfilled and happy with your work

In The End

So the next time you’re feeling stuck or don’t have any creative flair or inspiration it’s probably because you’re not experimenting with anything new.

So pencil out some time to try something new, experiment and have fun and watch all the motivation to fill your creative soul.

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And the adventure begins. I can’t wait to see what we come up with!!

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